Wednesday, February 15, 2012

THE END event - Surrealism in Brussels

THE END event   /K.Persyn 2009
Crisis in Belgium!  In a series of photographs projected in a burlesque setting with dancers, musicians, actors and a singer; THE END event portrays a dark image of Belgium's capital Brussels.  The motive starts with the death of the King, symbolising the modern decay of the country's unity.  Infected with fear,  the characters I photographed have to live with the demons they created themselves in a country that falls apart.  

The result shows the sinister quality of Brussels those days, but is a hymn to the city of surrealism where paradox governs well.  

The Performers on stage:
Nele Van Den Broeck

Valdimar Johansson

Krijn Hermans

Kristof Coenen

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