Monday, February 20, 2012

LIVE! from DEAD SEA - Jordan

The Dead Sea   /Persyn&Nasser 2011

The Dead Sea is in danger!  The water level of this precious nature-phenomena drops over 1 meter a year.  The lake's main tributary -The River Jordan- is drying up.

During the Arab spring, Lana Nasser & I started creating "LIVE! from DEAD SEA"; an artistic awareness campaign about the lake's eco-disaster.  Our collaboration is a Theatre and Photographic project, based on research about the Dead Sea's cultural importance and the ecological impact of its decline. A poetical protest against harming our Earth.

In times of big global changes; we envision natures revolt in the uprising of new Mythological characters, Icons & Goddesses.  This is an imagination we photographed.     'The dead sea is the womb of this planet, its drought symbolises a global state': on the stage of Al-Balad theatre in Amman we were giving voice to Nature's outcry, by projecting the photographs with related stories.  

Dried up Dead Sea 


Sinking In

Salt wrapped stones

The Birth of a Stone

Jordan Valley Tree

Holy Sidr Spirit

Salt, Water & Stones

Dead Sea's Awakening

Reportage about the performance by Maggie Kabariti.

Copyrights on all images above (Jordan/2011)

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