Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Rêvolution" An article in Theatre-Magazine 'Scènes'

Maison Du Spectacle 'La Bellone' in Brussels has published a new issue of 'Scènes'.  The magazine is titled 'Rêvolution' and is dedicated to the theatre-arts involved in the nowadays Arab Spring.  Among many interesting interviews and articles, there is a  writing about LIVE! from DEAD SEA -created this year in Jordan- by pARTnership Lana Nasser & Kristof Persyn.  

Reflecting on the title of 'Scènes' issue Rêvolution (a French word-game mixing Dream with Revolution) we explain how the uprisings in neigbour-countries has empowered us for our own awakening as art-activists.  Specially when the motive of demonstration is on Ecology, and about the highly politicized water sources in the Midlle-East, the courage of all revolting people has been supportive in a challenging proces.  

The new 'Scènes' is available.
Click HERE for the website of 'Maison Du Spectacle La Bellone.

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