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Preparing photoshoot with Rafique,  Amman March 2012
The Arab world lives in New Times & has New Heroes.  Focussing on Jordan: it's a place with new identity.  From an urge to liberate themselves from imposed ideologies, restrictive gender-concepts & social conformism; a progressive generation reveals itself in a series of portraits: New Mirrors.  Young people reflect on society who they are -rather then what their society wants them to be- by showing us an imagined identity.

The Metamorphoses are a way to undo the burden of uniformism and masquerade; to liberate a truth self-image.  By exposing those portraits in the street; we claimed the 'front-models' a place, a visibility and a role in the society of the capital Amman.

"New Mirrors" combines outspoken statements on gender, women-rights, prejudice & spirituality with poetic & playfull images.

"This is the resting place of a journey in search of a location: the middle-point"
Lina Soufan 

"Is this how a woman has to look in order to be recognised?"
Ban Majali

"I am who I am, giving by nature, even when I feel strangled and held back.
Still reaching out to give more."           Razan Mubaideen 

"I am a sinner.  But at least I'm honest with myself."
Alaa Samman

"I am a tuned white mirror"
Rawia Sabella

"I reveal myself as a Phoenix, rising from the ashes."
Rafique Nasereddin

"I feel great, funny, ridiculous, beautifull and strong. While I thought I would be scared."
Riham Issac

"I represent freedom.  By doing so, I face the city for the first time in my life."
Ziad E. Hajir

"My Mermaid is my immortal companion.  She lives inside of me, she completes me."
Shereen Zoumot

"Society turns us into things, while I insist on being a human.
I want to be a gypsy, living in the moment." Lubnah Juqqa

"My roots are strong; I grow everywhere and anywhere."
Sameera El-Asir

"Belonging to now place in particular: flying to all skies, landing to all grounds."

"I purify myself from all the judgements in our society."
Ammour Zacarneh

New Mirrors is created during the Aat-Festival: a cultural event in Amman/Jordan which celebrates International Woman's day.  The organizing 'Aat Network' establishes a debate on gender-equality and identity.  The festival creates a space to liberate expression and improves the discussion on gender-issues.  Within its frame, both sexes are defending the regional and global Women Rights.  The festival is directed by Lana Nasser and organised at Al-Balad theater.   

Watch The "New Mirrors" videos:

                   Interview about New Mirrors on RO'YA TV 

                                             Flower-bomb in Downtown Amman, with Riham Issac. 

                                                            A freedom of expression with Ziad E. Hajir

Behind the scènes; the making up for Ban Majali's 
statement on woman-hood, collaboration with 
Walid Zou'bi & Sleiman Tadros. 

Driving the Dead Sea Road with Lina Soufan 
for a photoshoot with knifes.

"New Mirrors" was a collaboration with Aat Network, at Al-Balad theatre.  Art Space 'Makan' offered me an atelier during the creation-proces.  The work is a result of many peoples warm involvement; thanks for the heart-related energy.  I thank all the people portrayed in this project for their braveness, beauty and their 'becoming'.  

Project, photographs & instalation by Kristof Persyn, March 2012.


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